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Knowing how just about everything that is claimed by the porn industry and advertised to the public is bullshit, I am willing to bet that this is too.

I am referring to things like ‘reality porn’ that is just never actually reality. Step sibling porn that is never really that, amateur porn that are all paid models and porn stars and so on. I used to criticise it heavily until it was explained to me that it’s not a ploy to con people, it is a given that it is all fake. They are advertising the type of fantasy.

So the fantasy is step siblings, that it is a reality scene, that the girls are actually amateurs. And in the case of this site that there is actually a guy, I think they call him John, who travels the Orient for business and while he does that he also diarises his sexual exploits and makes it available on the net.

So here you can get Asian Sex Diary for 82% off with our discount and enjoy that amazing fantasy.

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